How to delete google history permanently

Simply log in to your Google account and click on the following link:

How to delete Google account permanently

Log in to intended account and visit the following link. All you want is there:

How to delete my Facebook account permanently

Option 1: deactivate your Facebook account or delete it permanently. In fact when you deactivate your Facebook account, your data actually remains safe and nobody can see your account exept you and it is still recoverable. But when you delete your account permanently it will be deleted for ever and you can neither restore your account nor recover your data.

Deactivation through your Facebook account:
Account Settings>deactivate account"
Fill in the form, and click "Deactivate My Account"

For deletion:
Visit the delete my account page and the click submit.

How to delete Friendfeed account

Simply visit the following link and confirm the deletion of your Friendfeed account.